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The story of Anna Raxevsky and her family takes us far back in time to Tsarist Russia. A story that resembles classical novels. Her grandfather, a well-known greek patriot from a large Russian family, came to our country from Russia in 1912. Anna Raxevsky's parents continued when, in 1953, they began to manufacture clothing and sell them to wholesale customers throughout Greece, soon building one of the first large vertical export units in Europe.

Anna Raxevsky was the middle of the family's three daughters and for five years the plant had monopolized her interest. So before he even reached puberty, he had learned to design and own a whole fabric of clothing. The same thing happened with the other two daughters of the family, one with the establishment of Raxevsky SA with a women's clothing retailer network and the other with the establishment of Mini Raxevsky with a children's clothing retailer network.

The factory never left it while studying Business Administration. From her teens to the family company RAXSTA SA she has been involved exclusively in creating collections and selling them. Its clientele expanded to two continents, Europe (England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy) and America linking its name to the golden age of Greek clothing abroad!

In 1997, continuing the historic family business tradition, he founded RAX Sportswear, a company dedicated to the Design, Production and Wholesale of Women's Clothing on the European market under the name Raxsta By Anna Raxevsky.

In 2008, a new course begins, with its reorganization and expansion throughout the Greek market, as well as its entry into major branded retail chains.

In 2017 RAX Clothing Ltd. is founded by her son Ioannis-Achilleas Ioannidis and always with the active presence of Anna Raxevsky Ioannidou, the third generation in the field of apparel continues its activity by continuing the production and sale of women's clothing under the brand name Anna Raxevsky.

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