Useful Tips for Your Holiday Suitcase

by CS-Cart Hellas
Useful Tips for Your Holiday Suitcase  | RAX Clothing Ltd


Summer is here and the holidays you have been planning for a whole year are approaching! You have done all the procedures related to travel, your stay, your tickets, you have found the right company and there is the most boring and complicated part left for the end: the organization of the suitcase. To make this process easier and more enjoyable, follow these steps:

1) Before you start filling your suitcase, make a list of things you will need on your vacation days. Spend a lot of time on this, trying to make combinations of clothes and accessories that you will wear.

2) Try to choose clothes that are easy to wear, pieces that are combined with each other. For example, a floral & black pants or a basic white t-shirt can be worn more than once with different combination pieces. Also 2.3 airy dresses with the appropriate accessories and sandals are definitely pieces that you will wear on your vacation.

3) If your vacation is on an island, take with you enough swimsuits and pareos because most of the day you will be at sea, so let the rest of the clothes take up less space in your suitcase.

4) Regarding the cosmetics that you will take with you, choose small packages to save space, and prefer to put them in waterproof packaging to avoid any leakage of liquid products. Only your sunscreen should be in a large package!

5) Inside your shoes, you can put socks so that they do not lose their shape in the suitcase.

6) Prefer clothes that do not wrinkle easily. None of us is in the mood to iron on her vacation.

7) Do not forget to take a coat with you Ideally a denim jacket or a knitted cardigan in a neutral color can be worn with almost all the outfits you have chosen, on cool summer nights but also during the trip, inside the boat cold!

8) Check your suitcase again before closing it and do not hesitate to remove something. You definitely get more than you need.

Having with you the properly organized suitcase but mainly your good mood you can start for the best vacation of your life!

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